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More than Great Food

Casa Dos Frangos-Family Owned

Casa Dos Frangos is a family-owned restaurant. We have been in the food industry since 1998. We specialize in Portuguese products and cuisine providing an authentic experience, right in the heart of the Toronto GTA.
Our Restaurant is tech-ready to online ordering and we offer free parking, making it convenient for all of our guests. Join us and experience all of the flavors and cultures of Portugal, right here in Toronto.


Serving Greatness Since 1998


Founded on Family Values

Casa Dos Frangos is a family-owned restaurant located in downtown Toronto. We’ve been in the food and beverage industry for over 25 years, and have been dedicated to providing our customers with memorable experiences ever since. Our menu features a wide variety of dishes, including traditional Portuguese cuisine and a selection of international dishes.
We strive to create an inviting atmosphere that allows our guests to feel right at home. Our experienced chefs and passionate staff are dedicated to making each and every contact to Casa Dos Frangos a memorable one.


A Little Taste of Portugal

Casa Dos Frangos is a restaurant that specializes in Portuguese cuisine. We source the freshest ingredients from local suppliers and take pride in offering our customers a delightful dining experience.

Our recipes are based on traditional Portuguese recipes passed down through generations and have been adapted to create modern dishes. Here at Casa Dos Frangos, we also celebrate the culture and history of Portuguese cuisine, making it a unique and unforgettable experience.


Present & Future Tech Ready

Casa Dos Frangos is a vibrant and inviting restaurant offering a unique blend of Portuguese cuisine. Our commitment to quality and service makes us stand out from the crowd. We strive to make the dining experience more convenient and enjoyable for our customers with our AI-powered website, mobile app, contactless dine-in, online orders, pickup, delivery, and catering services. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner out or a formal event, we guarantee that you’ll leave our restaurant feeling satisfied.


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